Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Nothing Like It

There's nothing like a kick in the butt from a friend to break a bad funk. I'm not gonna lie. I've been seriously slacking off in my studies. Last night, my friend shook the dumb out of me and gave me a whole new drive to do my best. I want to leave my mark here in Berkeley! I took today as the first day of the rest of my senior year.

During the JDRF tie-dye extravaganza outside today, I told Amy that I'm gonna try my best to support the shuttle bus proposal. All we need are signatures of students who NEED this bus to run more often. I want to get some of the signatures down before Fall Quarter. October is when all the new students come in and jam into the tiny shuttle. Most of them catch the second departure. If you've ever ridden the shuttle in the fall, you know how we turn that little van into a clown car. There's students that pile in there by sitting on each other and sitting in the aisle of the van. It's a very uncomfortable ride up but its either 15 minutes of getting punched in the bottom by the van or being 15 minutes late for your morning class. LET'S GET THE BALL ROLLING ON THIS, PEOPLE!

Tomorrow I'm hopping over to the Newark campus for some heavy duty reviewing. Finals are less than two weeks away! I need to catch up in one of my classes. All that slacking has definitely caught up! Thank goodness for that shakedown last night. Otherwise, I don't know WHAT my grades would have ended to be. Jeez!

I'm blaming the summer air for my laziness. Now that fall is in the air, its all about Berkeley. :)

By the way, has anyone seen those Berkeley ads at Garden State Plaza? Imagine how cool I looked when I was wearing the white sleeveless Berkeley College tee while it was on the billboard. Mm-hmm. First, Myspace. Now, the mall. What's next?