Sunday, May 2, 2010

Worth It.

This was a photo I uploaded to Facebook while we were waiting to go on stage.

Being backstage was pretty cool. I was lined up with people I've never seen before but we all got along immediately. The mix of nerves, excitement and accomplishment gave everyone this special smile. People from the New York, New Jersey and Online campuses with these big goofy smiles waiting for the line to move.

I've been waiting for the walk since the end of my last quarter, which was last September. Like I said on my Facebook, "after 3 years of non-stop all nighters, caffiene binges and insomnia induced wrinkles," we finally made it to commencement.

I felt so great to see so many old friends. Life started after that last quarter. Big new jobs and big new lives. It was nice to get away from that and come back to college life. We met up and hugged and high fived and posed for enough cell phone pictures to blow up Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

College wasn't just about papers and exams. College really is about what you get out of it. You get a sense of responsibility what you would get anywhere else. You learn that you are accountable for everything you do, good and bad. The knowledge gained at Berkeley definitely gives a competive edge against other schools. The business orientation of the school is something that will set you a cut above the rest for any young guns in the business world. Because we're learning for the professors from walk the walk and talk the talk, we're taught how things are in the real world.

Thanks to Berkeley, I feel that I'm prepared to shoot up the ranks in the professional world with my head held high in confidence.

Mr. Dario Cortes mentioned in his speech that most of the 2010 graduating class will be the first in the family to graduate from college. After commencement, my parents hugged me tight and told me how proud they were. I'm the first to graduate on my dad's side. I'm the first female on my mom's side.

So, for my last post, I'd like to say thanks to everyone who read and commented. I had a blast sharing my college experience with you guys.

If the MBA rumors are true, expect me back soon. Maybe I'll have a Berkeley MBA blog. You never know what the future holds.