Friday, June 19, 2009

We'll Tweet all in your Facebook and Myspace!

Finals are right around the corner. If you're on online student like myself, that means that our keyboards are about the melt from the feverish typing going on.

Since online classes don't really have a set time to meet for a Final Exam, we are usually assigned papers that involve tons of critical thinking and cumulative knowledge for the subject. I have a couple of papers half way done. I have this weird thing where I have to work on several things at the same time to get them done. They're all done a day before I can review them before submission. My super technique has been working pretty well here at my internship.

Speaking of internships, you know how on those Berkeley College commercials, the protagonist always gets a corporate job or something? Well, its pretty legit. I'm here at my internship and they did offer me a job! Granted, I have been working hard since the first step in here. But it definitely has paid off. I would show you pictures of my nice desk and everything, but you could take my work for it, right? So yeah, they offered me a job! I would be an "Administrative Assistant." It's exactly what I majored in, too!

Aside from the commercials being so true, they're also getting kinda funny. I guess the marketing department figured out that people remember funny things. I mean, check out this commercial for Berkeley's Online Courses.

And yes, I really do throw my arms up in the air whenever I finish a challenging Discussion Board topic. Again, funny but true!

Get ready for a total technology takeover at Berkeley. We're everywhere now! Myspace, Facebook, Youtube, TWITTER! (Yeah, I said it. Twitter!) The links to all the sites are right here. Get connected! Stay connected!

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