Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Busy College Grad

Class of 2009! We did it!
I've been a graduate for about 2 weeks, now. I just hit me today that hey...I have a Bachelor's Degree! I have a full-fledged, legitimate, college degree! I was all smiles this morning with a little pep in my step walking to my bus stop. I had accomplished that many take 4 to 5 years struggling to obtain. I did it in less than that. Only 36 months and I'm glad to say that I feel a little more prepared for the workplace than those graduating for other schools.
I'm telling you, Placement Seminar is the Berkeley Advantage. Without it, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have been able to land in my internship. A lot of schools offer programs to learn how to interview and how to prepare a superstar resume. It's just that not a lot of people take advantage of it. Having this as a course is what truly separate the Berkeley Bulldogs from everyone else.
With this, I would like to welcome everyone to the Berkeley College ~Alumni~ Blog!
I'll be changing the layout and content a little. I will be keeping this site helpful for perspective students and yes, I'm still gonna put up some helpful tips for freshmen and upperclassmen. College never ends. Neither will learning.
Now, I'm off to work and later, rent a bunch of post-grad movies like "Reality Bites" , "Post Grad", "Adventureland", and "Post Grad".