Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Up and Down and Up and Down

Life has been loopy in the college student's life. It's up and down and up and down. I got to watch my boyfriend graduate from Montclair State on Friday. That's an up! The next day, the power was shut off at my house. It took two days to get it back. That's a down. Then I get offered more hours at work. That's an up! I got my power and internet back on Memorial Day. Another up! My internet isn't working at home so I have to head over to Starbucks to upload my homework, which was a one and a half late. That's a down.

Other than the trials and tribulations of power and electric corporations, my classes have been pretty interesting. Advertising and Marketing has been opening my eyes on the competitive sides of plain old commercials. It's really interesting to know what intentions are behind the messages given out. Also, I feel it has made me a smarter consumer. I pay more attention to true value of products without having their catchphrases getting in the way.

My internship has been fun too. I get to be a big part in planning out the marketing blitz for a new up and coming musical artist! How cool is that? I'm not too sure how much I can talk about the plans but I know I can mention his name. His name is Ziggy Rankin and he's a nice guy with a crazy TOUGH voice. Haha.

Happy week 8 everyone!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Grads of 2009!

Congrats, Berkeley's class of 2009! The whole ceremony can be seen online. Just head over to Blackboard and follow the link. I watched it and cheered (from my bedroom) for fellow classmates. And, like the dork that I am, I texted saying "I just saw you graduate!"

I can't wait to do the walk. I'm done with my classes in August so technically, I am part of the 2009 class. I took the 3-year curriculum so I've been a student non-stop since 2006. Some of you might think that's crazy but I think it was definitely worth it.

A bunch of my friends are graduating in a few days and it took them almost 5 years to get their Bachelors Degrees. I'm earning mine in 3. That's 3 years less tuition and 3 years headstart in the job market than the rest of my age group. Gotta be quick and smart. That's the Berkeley way!

Right now, I'm on my 'last sprint' of my college career. I'm on my toughest classes and every grade counts. I'm trying my best. 3.6 isn't too shabby.

Also, I'm LOVING my internship at Tempo Networks. I'm learning so much and get to be part of some great projects in New York and in all the Caribbean Islands. I'm planning on doing both my internships at Tempo. I can't think of anywhere else where I can have such a hands on experience in the real business world.

I have to say that these last quarters at Berkeley at definitely my favorite.


(Apparently, this is the official class of '09 hand sign. Cute, ain't it?)