Thursday, August 23, 2007

The BerkeleyBlue Card EXPLAINED!

  • So, I finally got an explaination on what this infamous card is all about. If you're one of the many students who still don't get that this card is all about, then read this. I'm gonna break it down for you. Go to and follow these steps: is pretty much the place where you confirm that you recieved the card in the mail.
    • In the bottom right of the site, it will ask you to type in the 16-digit number on your card, then click activate. "Activate" pretty much means "submit", meaning you're submitting the confirmation that you did recieve the card.
    • After you click "activate", you'll have to authenticate the card. This is how you verify that it's really you activating the account.
    • The next screen will ask you to make a log-in name and password. This is so you can log-in to the website at any time if you want to change some info.

    • In time, you'll get to this magic window.

    This is where you get to choose how you want your refund. You can open an account with HigherOne and use the card as a debit card, you can choose to receive your refund through direct deposit to a current bank account you have (meaning they'll send the money to an account you already have at your bank), or you can choose to receive a paper check through the mail.
This is what BerkeleyBlueCard is all about. Its suppose to be a way to choose your preference in how you will receive your refund!
The rest of the process is cakewalk.
But remember, that "activate your card" reeeeeeaaaally means "choose how you want to receive your refund."
Man, talk about misinterpretation!
I hope this helped everyone out! I was confused about it, too. I'm not gonna lie about that. It doesn't hurt to do asking around about this stuff. So, if you're still a little confused, feel free to email me at

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