Wednesday, August 6, 2008

New Berk Alert!

Remember back in the high school days when having your cell phone on you was an absolute no-no? Well, this is college. Cell phones are darn near necessary this day and age. Almost all professors list their cell numbers on a syllabus as a way to contact them in emergency situations. Students can use their cell phone calenders are reminders for exams and quizzes. Now, Berkeley has come up with a way that our small little cells can save our lives.

Last month, Berkeley College introduced us all to Berk Alert. If you're part of the college. chances are you received a voicemail, a text and an email as a tester to see if you can receive alerts.

If you didn't receive all three, I suggest you update your information on Blackboard. This stuff is pretty important. Lets just say there was a natural disaster, a bad situation or an alien attack at one of the campuses. You would be informed right away through email, text and calls.

I have to say this is one of the coolest things Berkeley has cooked up. I feel a lot safer knowing that I'll always be in the know if something were to ever happen on campus.

Now if only other organizations would do the same. (-coughcoughNJTRANSITcoughcough-)

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