Thursday, December 11, 2008

Week 11 Cram!

Once again, its week 11 and the Garret Mountain library is super packed with students either finalizing their papers or trying to figure out where to begin! The cafe has an extra pot of coffee in anticipation for caffiene zombies slumping in for a liquid reboot.
My secret weapon is LAST.FM is a website where you can type in the name of your favorite artist and listen to a custom made radio station based on the artist or band you typed in. My favorite studying soundtracks are the Vampire Weekend radio station and the MGMT radio station. A good idea is to listen to something chill. Pop songs might be a bit distracting. It's hard to write an in depth paper about the WTO's Doha Round while singing "if you like then you shoulda put a ring on it."

I feel like I lucked out this quarter. My political science final wasn't too bad. It was cumulative but it was one of those "based on your educated opinion" types of papers. It mostly focused on the election and civil rights. I'm pretty confident I'm aceing the course. Thumbs up!
International finance, on the other hand,....ugh. There is so much involved with it that one paper sucked up a week and a half of my life. 12 pages on the World Trade Organization. It was tough but I stuck to it. And yeah, I did hand it in late. I get 10 points off for every day I was late. But then again, I would have rather get an 80 and hand it in late than submit a 65point paper on time. Know what I mean?
My feminism final is this coming Wednesday. This one is actually kinda fun. I get to watch a movie (from a list of about 100) and write about the feminist experience depicted in the film. I haven't pick which film to write about. I've watched most of them. I'm stuck between Ghost World (one of my FAVORITE movies ever!) or Chocolat (another one of my favorites!).
Things looks good from my end, though. I'm going to enjoy the upcoming break. I'm going to sleep and sleep and sleep. Next quarter, I have an 8am course...meaning I have to be out of my house and at the bus stop at 620am. Oh man, winter quarter, gonna be a trip!
Note to commenters!: Thanks for all the emails! I love hearing from you guys! Keep 'em coming and if you get the chance, leave a comment here so we can get some conversations going. :D