Wednesday, January 6, 2010

2010 Resolutions and Links

I know everyone has been saying the same thing all week, but honestly, can you believe its 2010? Besides the letdown that I still don't have a hover-car parked outside, the future is looking awesome.

There's so much to look forward to! Of course, the top thing on my list is the Berkeley College Graduation Ceremony! Sure, I have my degree hanging up on my wall in a fancy frame. I'm just antsy for the tassle and Cum Laude sash.

Along with the new year comes the resolutions. I've set a few for myself that I'm sure everyone has made. I thought I would share my resolutions and websites to help everyone (students and alumni) to make 2010 the best year yet.

  1. Sleep more. (I know that one sounds lazy, but I'm not cut out for all-nighters anymore. Coffee and energy drinks at 2am mean nothing when you're groggy and half-awake in the morning. This link takes you to an article about how lack of sleep affects productivity at work. In this cutthroat job market, the last thing you need is your boss to catch you dozing off at your desk.)

  2. Brown bag. (I was looking through my debit statement and was shocked when I calculated how much I spent on eating out for lunch. Then, I got sick on soups and sandwiches every day. I would complain about this to everyone. That is probably why I got a nice thermos and some storage containers for Christmas. (Not kidding.) Here's a quote for an article in the LA Times that may make you think twice about that morning run to D&D's or Starbucks.
    "Cutting back to even three days a week saves you about $8 (assuming you're
    buying a latte -- or a coffee and a doughnut). That's about $35 a month, or
    about $400 a year." -LA Times

  3. Pinch pennies. (I'll admit that I went nuts with the Christmas presents this year. The money I saved from selling off my text books went to gifts. Now, I gotta cut out the heavy spending and start saving. I'm still a freelancer to taxes are going to kick my butt this year. Also, I'd like to fully pay off my credit card this year. So, I want to share with you a website that it PERFECT for these kinds of goals. The site is Besides the fun and quirky language, it definitely helps students learn how to manage money in the big bad world.)
  4. Have a laugh. (All the sleep deprevation and soup and salad combos put a damper on my mood in 2009. I couldn't have fun because I wouldn't let things go. I had a case of the Mondays everyday. This year, I fully intend on having a more positive attitude. It's like Oprah's Secret mentality. Think positive and positive things happen. Have a laugh. Hug someone. Sing something fun. There's tons of sites for a little LOL. Buzzfeed, Youtube, Tumblr,...)
  5. KIT. (Keeping in Touch. Now that is something I definitely have to work on. A Facebook wall post doesn't count. Neither does a Tweet. I fully intend on calling (yes, calling and not texting) my friends/family at least once a week. In '09, I called clients more than I called my best friends. This year, I plan on keeping in touch with the world.)

There's more but I read somewhere that you have to keep to-do listed under 7 bullets, otherwise, it overwhelms the brain.

I'm sure everyone has their own resolutions for themselves. If you have any nifty ones, please share! As part of the KIT resolution, I will be to respond to emails and comments much quicker.

Until next time, Happy New Year!

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