Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Fall 2008! Hello, Everyone.

It's fall quarter 2008! Welcome back everyone! and Welcome all Freshmen! Hope you all enjoyed the summer weather because the cold has made a comeback this week!

I'm taking a little break from my reading to catch everyone up on what's up with little old me. This is currently my last fall quarter! I'm a hop, skip and a jump away from completing school and graduating with my Bachelors! But first, back to reality. :) I decided to condense my school days into on-campus Tuesdays and Thursdays. This way I can balance work, school and my family with ease. I dedicate the onsite days entirely for school. From the moment I step foot on campus (8:30am) until 7pm, I will be getting all my homework done. I want to take advantage of having all the books and references I need to do my assignments in the library.

Tomorrow, I'll be finishing up my first round of assignments for my new classes. I love my classes this quarter! Here's the line-up. Political Science, Feminist Thought, Consumer Behavior and International Trade. The onsite ones are very interactive. They're primarily forum based so it's professor-to-student and student-to-student talks.

Im looking forward to classes tomorrow! Summer was very slow so Im glad to have a bustling, full campus around.

By the way, has anyone seen the new Berkeley website? Isn't it very Myspace looking? It's so much easier to navigate through. Thumbs up to the web designers!

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