Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Studying Makes a Difference

I'm not gonna lie. I'm not one to study. It's never been " my thing". Usually, I would just listen to what goes on in class and get all my information from there. But lately, that hasn't been working.
Two words.

These classes are entirely up to you for learning. You are in charge or reading the chapter and you're in charge of making sure you have a grasp on all the materials you'll be tested on.

The first week, I thought I could pull off a good grade by skimming the chapter, getting the key terms and reading the chapter summary. Boy, was I wrong! I got a 55 on my graded (and timed!) assignment. It stunk.

The next week, I stayed in the library after all my classes and got down to actually reading the whole chapter. It only took my an hour. (Remember, I'm not much of a studybug so this short time of reading kinda surprised me.) Then, I did some of the review questions at the end of the chapter to make sure I can all the materials down. The next graded assignment, I didn't even need the book to refer back to! I got an 85 all by myself. And yes, I did give myself a pat on the back.

So, studying made a HUGE difference.

If you're not much of a studybug either, I suggest trying to stick to the Berkeley Library for studying. There's tons of cubicles here in the Garret Mountain campus where you can cut off the rest of the world for an hour and get some work done. It makes a really big difference. Trust me. ;-)

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Mo Potta said...

hey vanessa, i was just wondering about how much time you spend on average in class (per day), and also about how much time do you spend studying? i am considering berkley at garret mt. and i was hoping you could maybe tell me a little about what you do in your free time (student life). Also if you could tell me about any nearby things to do, that would be great. thanks!