Saturday, November 1, 2008

Surprise! November Midterm Time

This week is a busy time for Garret Mountain. There's flyers all over the place including the library, student center and hallways. I don't have class on that Wednesday but I'm definitely gonna make it to the scholarship seminar. If there's one thing I'll wake up early and commute for 2 hours for, its the opportunity for scholarships. I'm coming up on intership time so I'll be needing all the help I can get with finances!The Accounting / Finance club is perfect for those who have no idea what to do after graduation. I have a very...fuzzy...vague...idea so I'm gonna try to make this meeting also.

But don't forget. Its week 6. Midterm time! I have general overview of my assignments and exams. A few papers here. A test there. Nothing too overwhelming, thanks to the online classes. The whole "study on your own time" lets me finish things early and also gives me extra time to work on things I might need a little study time with. For example, I usually finish my marketing homework early because I find the subject a little easier to understand. International trade, on the other hand, requires 2 or 3 days of studying before I can start the assignments. So I get to take my time on whatever needs more study time.

I'm telling you, take the Online Efficiency exam so you have the "online classes" option open. It's the best decision I made this year at Berkeley.

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