Sunday, November 30, 2008

World AIDS Day is Tomorrow

" According to UNAIDS estimates, there are now 33.2 million people living with HIV, including 2.5 million children. During 2007 some 2.5 million people became newly infected with the virus. Around half of all people who become infected with HIV do so before they are 25 and are killed by AIDS before they are 35.

Around 95% of people with HIV/AIDS live in developing nations. But HIV today is a threat to men, women and children on all continents around the world.

Started on 1st December 1988, World AIDS Day is about raising money, increasing awareness, fighting prejudice and improving education. World AIDS Day is important in reminding people that HIV has not gone away, and that there are many things still to be done." -

Tomorrow marks World AIDS Day. This is serves as a reminder that there's things more important out there than door-buster sales and holiday calorie counting. The world still needs our attention.To commemorate World AIDS day, you can wear red, get yourself a little red ribbon somewhere or donate to charities benefiting AIDS awareness.

If you celebrated national Talk Like A Pirate day, I'm pretty sure you'll have to problem with wearing a ribbon around for a day. Besides...this is college. This is the time where we are suppose to open our eyes to the world and expose ourselves to what is reality. AIDS is real. This is prime time to be reading into causes and helping the world out. With a little effort, we can make change happen. Heck, look at the election! That was just one day! Imagine what we can do for AIDS in a day...or a month...or a year!

Help bring awareness to Berkeley by wearing red. And if it's not in your ensemble plans for tomorrow, just bring it up in conversation. The worst thing we can do is ignore it.

Have a Happy December 1st, Everyone!

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