Wednesday, January 21, 2009

It was Obama - Rama!

This is a picture of the Inauguration poster 10 minutes after the MSNBC broadcast. The student center was packed! By 11:30, all the seats were filled and students were squeezing into the room so we could watch history happen. I sat with my friends and we were all excited to hear that our brand-new President had to say. There were a few giggles when Aretha Franklin's hat popped up on the screen but the room roared once the president's pledge was over. During the speech, you can see eyes glaze over and faces look up in hope that everything's going to be alright. Having everyone in the college that close to each made me realize that the change is real. If everyone in that room, and the rest of the country, puts a little effort towards change, there's nothing this country can't do. We can get outta this slump. We can get back to being the land of the free and the home of the brave. You know what I mean? His speech made me so hopeful and optimistic! I wrote that on the poster. :D
Afterwards, there was buffet that included pizza, cake, cookies, chips and tons of bubbly soda. There were glittery red white and blue hats, and Obama '09 bracelets.
Besides being part of one of the biggest days in American history, it was nice to feel like you were part of something bigger than yourself. Everyone in the school was cheerful and smiling. It was great.

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