Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Year, New Quarter, New Everything!

Hello and Happy New Year Everyone! Hope 2009 has been smashing for you. Mine has been pretty fun. My winter break mainly consisted of lots of sleep, work and family funtime. This year, we were lucky enough to have a long winter break. High five all around!

Yesterday was my first day for Winter quarter. I woke up early, prepared my backpack and headed out the door with a fresh motivation to take on this quarter. As soon as I stepped off the train in downtown Paterson, I saw the Berkeley shuttle...and it was surprisingly packed. You don't expect the 7:30am bus to be so full! Poor Mr.Pete (the morning shuttle driver) had to leave a couple of students behind. He did call for a backup van to come pick us up, but either way, we were going to be late for our 8:00am classes. :-\ I texted a friend of mine to save me a seat if the class started filling up. At around 8:15, Mr. Willie showed up and gave us a few laughs on our mad dash to the campus. I ran into my Business Strategy and Policy classroom and luckily, my friend saved me a seat in a full class. I spoke to my professor and he was pretty cool about my lateness. Hopefully, the shuttle will start either getting a little less packed or they'll start sending down BOTH vans rather than making some students miss classes, buses and trains because we have to wait for the second trip from one van. (Hint hint.)

The rest of the day went as scheduled. My second class, Health and Fitness with Dr. Williams, already blew my mind. We get to make weekly presentations on anything related to health. As soon as he mentioned the assignment, I came up with a bunch of topics! Most of my Christmas presents were vegan cookbooks so I have a few things in mind to present.

My third class is Global Social Change. Unfortunately, the computer was down so the first day was only a general overview of the quarter. The lessons are gonna be based on current events so we will be relying on new articles and weekly journals for resources.

My last class is probably the one I'm most nervous about. Placement seminar is the class you must take before internship. This is where we learn how to survive in the business world. Everything from attire, resumes and speech will be taught, reviewed and polished. Placement seminar, for me, marks the beginning of my career path. At least, thats what Dr. Belowich and Mr. Castro made it feel like.

It was a great first day back. Winter Quarter '09 is gonna be nuts!

Did anyone see that new TV in the student center?! WHOA.

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