Monday, August 3, 2009

Stress Management in Newark Campus

I might end up going to this on Wednesday. I'm not saying I'm a ticking timebomb. I'm more of a ....wind-up toy thats slooowwwlllyyy turning off.

I know we're all on the same boat. We're the Ipod generation. Insecure, Pressured, Overtaxed and Debt-ridden In my case, I'm working 72 hours a week, trying to keep a high GPA and now, I have to find an apartment in 3 weeks because my mom's house just got foreclosed! Ain't that something!?

So now I have this weird twitch going on in my eye. I grew my first grey hair! I'm sure I have more coffee than blood running through me. You can laugh. It's kind of funny. But it means I'm stressed out.

I'm just glad I'm taking online courses. If I had to squeeze in an on-site class, I'd probably go nuts! Thank goodness for online classes.

I did check out the Newark Campus music event in at NJPAC last week. It was pretty festive! I bolted before the rain began but I enjoyed it. Newark is full of summer activities so there's always something to do near the campus.

How's everyone else doing? We're in the humpweek of the Summer Quarter.


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