Friday, July 17, 2009

Online Classes ACCELERATED! / Freshman Questions

Two out of my four classes this quarter are accelerated classes. Do you know what that entails? 4 Discussion boards, 3 GHAs and papers due every two weeks. Sure its stressful but it only last for a couple of weeks. Instead of the regular quarter-long class, these courses run for 8 weeks. That's 4 weeks without the extra homework!

Right now, I'm in the middle of finishing my paper for one of these classes. I figured I would tell you guys about accelerated courses. Let me go on record that its totally worth it. You get your classes done in less time than usual. That means I only have to worry about one class and internship once September comes. Good Deal!

The shirt up there is from what is probably my new favorite website,

SideNote: I've made a sidebar of archives entrys new and perspective students might find helpful. It even includes the famous Berkeley Bluecard explaination post! Next week, I'm going to make a post answering questions a lot of freshman/perspective students ask (like where are the M rooms in Garret Mountain?, Who's my Career Counselor?, What's a Berkeley Blue Card?, What times do the shuttle buses run?) If you have any to add, feel free to email me at


Taiwan said...

Hey Vanessa!

Any idea if Tempo viewed all the Reel Tapes from the VJ search?

Expert Writer said...

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Joyce said...

Hi Vanessa,

Thank you for the information on the accelerated classes. I was thinking about registering for the Sept 28 thru Nov 7 session. I am a new student about to start the fall semester on Sept 29. Are the accelerated classes offer every semester?


Anonymous said...

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Vanessa Gomez said...

Thanks for all the comments everyone! If you have additional questions, know that you can always shoot me an email.

Accelerated classes are tough but definitely worth it. You just have to ready to dive into some heavy workloads for a month and a half.

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