Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Sunny Days and Squeeky Clean Cars

Today, the weather was nice and sunny! Pretty much everyone hung out on campus during Activity Period. Those who weren't into hanging out in the heat were hanging out in the air conditioned Student Center. I don't know but a lot of students seemed to stay on campus this Activity Period. I went outside to check out the car wash and took a quick picture of all the activity that went on. There was a big line of cars that I didn't get to snap a picture of. Activity period was a perfect time to catch up on tons of work I've put off.

All my procrastinating from last week caught up with me. Since Monday, I've been running up and down doing research for my papers and typing out drafts like a fiend. Half my days are spent in the ASC center. Good thing they have awesome air conditioners. Thankfully, I got everything done and handed in on time. This is in huge thanks to the staff in our Library. Those people are lifesavers. They're pretty friendly, too...and they know everything. Any question you have, they'll answer. If you plan on attending Garret Mountain, the library will be your best friend.

In order to prevent another week of catching up, I started my English essay the day it was assigned. Its a persuasive essay on any topic you what. I chose "voluntary enlistment vs. the draft." I already have my first draft written out in my notebook. Once I started writing, I couldn't stop. I'm glad we got to choose our subjects. It makes so much sense to write about something you believe in rather than writing a persuasive essay on a subject you really don't care about.

Professor DePalma came back this week. He's my Business Law professor. Sadly, he had a death in the family than resulted in class being cancelled all last week. He seems to be doing okay. It's just pretty amazing that he's back so quickly. Now that is someone devoted to teaching. Props, DePalma.

Well, I should be getting back to homework. I have to get started on my final paper for Management...and study for my Accounting test tomorrow. See? No procrastination!

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