Monday, June 4, 2007

Finals coming up!

Final papers fom almost all my classes are due in less than two weeks! With all this work, I can't afford to be procrastinating. Lately, the ASC center and Berkeley Library have been full of students with their heads buried in their books and laptops. I am definitely one of those students.

I'm still working on my "Volunteer vs. Draft" paper. I finished my first draft today and did a couple of corrections. All I can say is that the Spell Checker in Microsoft Word is my best friend. Other than that, I have to say that it's definitely one of my better papers. The final draft is due Wednesday which leaves me plenty of time for revisions. The final assignment for that class is to take the first two graded essays that I wrote and revise them using everything that was learned in English 102. I took a quick peek at my old papers and saw a lot of things I could fix here and there. That pretty much goes to show that I learned a lot in only 3 months.

My Principles of Management class has been wrapping up also. Wednesday is the last chapter review. After that, class presentations begin. The assignment is to write an essay and make a presentation analyzing a company. On my rubric, it says that I get to act like an "investment research analyst helping (the) class mutual fund decided whether (they) should make a financial investment in (the) company." I'm thinking of making my report about a vegetarian/vegan food company like Tofutti or Morningstar Farms. I, along with some of my friends and family, have become vegetarian and feel like its something that people should be exposed to. They could be interested in the company and also could conjour up some thoughts of trying out so animal-friendly products. Think about it. Who wouldn't want to help out animals?

So far, I'm pretty excited about these two final assignments. I know, it sounds a little funny that I'm excited about homework but I get to do my assignments on subjects that I'm interested in. I love how these professors let us pick out our subjects for projects.

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