Thursday, December 6, 2007

Chillax Day!

Its this awesome or what? I don't know about everyone else but I am definitely stressed out about Finals next week. All my classes are wrapping up and I'm already starting to studying and review my notes from the past couple of months. I just finished up writing a 5 page paper in the ASC center and figured I would take some time to update before I head over to the Student Center for some "mocktails."

This week has really been bananas though. Yesterday, I had to rush to Manhattan to finish a project due for Humanities in the Media. I kind of left that part of my project at the last minutes so that was entirely my fault. One thing that turned out to be pretty cool about it was that I got to check out the Berkeley's Manhattan campus. I wanted to go in and check it out but I had to concentrate on my project.

The weather is starting to drop pretty quickly around here. A few students have been laughing that they almost slipped on ice coming down the hill. But hey, thats what happened when you wear shoes with absolutely no grip on the bottom. Even the professors have been shocked by how cold it has gotten. Again, I'm super thankful for Berkeley's heating system. And all the soup that the cafe has been serving. :D

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