Wednesday, December 5, 2007

NOW I get it!

I'm not sure if I'm supposed to point out any professors on my blog so I'll make this very suggestive. :D
I'm finishing up my College Algebra course this quarter. This course 3 month class pretty much wrapped up and clarified all 4 years of high school math I had. Throughout high school, I kind of understood what was going on in my classes. All I had to do was remember a formula or two for a test and then forget about them once I got my grade. That method worked pretty well in high school, but this is college. College is completely different from high school. In College. you have to be sure and know what you're doing.
This is where my professor comes in. He makes sure everyone in the class understands what's going on. He offers personal tutoring before and after class if anyone needs any help. You don't even have to make an appointment. You just show up with your questions and there he is to help.
No joke, thanks to him, I understand EVERYTHING that's going on in my math class. Not only do I commit formulas to memory but I understand what the formulas mean and what they do! How great is that? Its makes me feel like a genius. :D Thanks to him, I've gotten straight A's on all my exams and midterms. I'm not even worried about my final because I know I'm going to rock it. I know what I'm doing and man, it feels great to say that.
This guy is going to one of those professor's I'm going to try to have for the rest of my math courses. I'll trail him so much that he'll be sick of me by graduation.

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