Friday, December 7, 2007

Selling my Books...Again

Well, week 11 is officially over. You know what that means. Its book selling season again! Instead of making an entire list of books that I had, I've decided to start a account. I've sold two books on it and its been pretty good.

This time, though, I'm bringing my books to the Student Book Store on Monday December 10th because I'm in need of money right now. Its the Christmas season and I'd rather get some immediate cash for my books than to wait around for someone to buy them online. Way to go Berkeley! Thanks for the instantaneous money back for books. Sure, its gonna be a pain to carry 10 books to school on Monday but it will be well worth it.

In other news, I don't know if anyone has noticed the pretty flyers around with the picture of a tiara on it. Its a sign for the Ms. Berkeley International Pagaent! How cool is that? A pageant! The only one I've seen was the Mr. CP pageant in my old high school. Now, there's a college one. Its looks like fun actually! I wish I could at least try it out but since my schedule is so back and forth next quarter, its going to be difficult keeping track of what campus I will be in and on what day.

So, ladies, if you have any talent, take a shot! Its sounds like tons of fun. I think this is the first pagaent ever so imagine being part of that!

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