Monday, April 28, 2008

Midterms??! Already?

The weather has been getting really nice outside. The flowers are all blooming and everyone with a convertible is driving with their tops down. You know what that means? Midterms! Usually, I'm cool as a cucumber when it came down to midterms. My classes were relatively simple so the tests would be okay. This time around, I'm driving pounds of coffee to stay up and study. The class material is all brand new to me so I won't be able to get by with mere memorization. I'm actually getting down to understanding and utilizing the material in real world situations. (Pretty much what you're suppose to do with that you learn in college.)

This new and improve motivation to study came from a seminar I attended two weeks ago that was held in the Student Center. It was a self-improvement type of thing. The focus was on breaking the bad cycle that procrastination gets you in. I realized the only thing holding me back from doing any of my work is myself. I learned to put aside distractions and get to what needs to be done. The seminar really did help. At the end of it, everyone had to sign a little contract to themselves. It was a promise to take control of our own lives. I taped it next to my mirror so I would have to look at it every day and remember that.

I was so inpired by the lecture that I decided to try to take an online course. I've heard a lot about how difficult it is with all the reading and self-motivation thats involved in trying to be your own teacher. I'm up for the challenge. Since registration has already begun for summer students, I figured now is as good a time as any to try out an online course. Right now, I'm in the testing phase to see if I'm even qualified for the course. I'm one essay away from submitting the test. I'm just doing a couple of revisions here and there. Hopefully, I'll do well. Less time on campus will mean more time for work and family. Also, I'll save a bunch on transportation costs. With this hike in gasoline prices and repair work on the NJ rails. public transportation has been a nightmare!

Well, I'm gonna stop complaining. At least the rail is still working, right? I'm off for some mooore studying now that Gossip Girl is over. (If its one thing that can disrupt a study session, its the TV show, Gossip Girl.)

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