Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Berkeley's Facelift

My first class was on the third floor. I had no idea the entire floor was revamped. When I opened the door from the stairwell, I thought I was in the wrong building! It's so bright and shiny and new! I almost got lost a second time when I was looking for room 013. Since when did we can 0 rooms? I went asking around and it turned out the that D rooms are now 012 and 013. (FYI for anyone who hasn't had a class there yet.)

Also, the new student bulletin board in front of the library. It full of flyers for upcoming events! This week is an "Activity Period-less" week. From what I saw on the calender, this quarter's activity periods are gonna be nuts. There's tie-dying, siete de mayo, and my personal favorite, more KARAOKE! I'll have the dates up soon. (Trust me, you'll want to take a study break and hit up the student center for these events.)

This quarter kicked off pretty amazingly. My first class was like a big high school reunion! After class was dismissed, 2 people yelled out my name. I turned around and its two friends I haven't seen for years! Then I step outside and another friend I haven't seen in years emerged! It turns out that a lot of people from the Paramus campus are now attending Garret Mountain. I went to high school in 3 different schools in Hudson and Bergen county so it was about time I saw a familiar face or two.

Also, the classes are great! I have a feeling that I'm gonna rock this quarter. I didn't make it to my 3.8GPA goal last quarter, but this time I'm definitely gonna reach my goal. I'll be kicking my butt every day to keep my grades up AND hold my new job.

Hope everyone's first week is just are amazing. By the way, Happy April Fools Day!