Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Corzine TAG Cut

This post is going out to all the Berkeley Jersey students.
If you've opened up your Berkeley email within the last couple of weeks, you've gotten the TAG emails. Sadly, despite the numerous petition signatures and letters, TAG got cut. Berkeley College President Dario Cortez sent out an email about it.
I haven't received a letter yet. Although this is my last quarter here, the TAG cut will effect my pursuit for a Master's Degree. Also, I have a few friends who still have a few months left before graduation. I know this is affecting them too.
Berkeley is committed to helping all students afford tuition. I remember when I was enrolling, my financial advisor bent over backwards to help me out. So if you're worried about your finances for school, talk to the financial advisors. Trust me, I've spend hours in their offices to make sure school is taken care of. And they're nice, too. They won't kick you out after 3 hours. I know from experience. : )


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