Monday, July 6, 2009

Summer Books

Happy Summer Quarter Everyone!

This is my last quarter at Berkeley College. As excited as I am about getting that sweet sweet degree and diploma, I'm just as psyched about getting my foot into the real world workplace. The statistics and unemployment reports don't scare me anymore. I believe that all the skills I'm developed at Berkeley is giving me an upperhand! Some friends are mine feel overwhelved by the workplace job search. They feel unprepared. Thanks to Placement Seminar and popping my head into Career Services once in a while, I feel that I'm topdog when I walk into an interview.

Since it is my last quarter, I'm putting my textbooks on supersale! If you've followed this blog for the past couple of years, you know I love a sale on textbooks. Rather than waiting for September to sell them, I want to get a headstart. Here is my eBay link. I'm moving so you'll also find some fun books to read like Chuck Klosterman books and that favorite "Skinny B..." book combo everyone went crazy for.
I'm glad to say that I only need two textbooks this quarter. :D I busted my hump with 21 credits last time. This time, I took it easy with a 17 credit quarter. I'm still at my Tempo Networks internship. I'm hoping I'll see a Berkeley intern soon. If you're still looking for an internship, I would suggest Tempo. Not only do you learn hands on, but you get to listen to music all day!

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