Friday, June 15, 2007

Finals = Crazyness

Yesterday, I took my Business Law final exam. It was actually kinda easy but then again, I did study for a solid three hours. I turned off my cell and cut off all communication so I can review a whole quarter's notes. I'm pretty confident that I did well.

After the exam, I headed over to Financial Aid, and thanks to my super advisor, Liz, summer quarter is paid for and I'm good to go for July 2nd. She was so helpful with explaining all the technicalities of loans and grants and all this financial lingo. She can pretty much help you out of any financial aid pickle you might be in.

This is how you know that finals = chaos.

Earlier in the day, there was an unexpected fire drill. People who dormed woke up for the blaring noise of the alarms. It was kinda funny seeing everyone in their morning best on the field, decked out in pajamas and bedhead.

Later in the day, I heard someone left their keys in the ignition of their car and, of course, the car went missing. There were squad cars on campus and everyone was stirring around trying to find out what happened. Our campus is pretty safe so I doubt it was actually stolen. It could be a prank. If its one thing this year's Berkeley students have been noticed for, its our pranks. Anyone remember parking lot A during Fall quarter 2006? There was silly string and party streamers everywhere. My guess is a pranker took a joke a bit too far.

Now, its cloudy Friday afternoon so I'm going to head to my local library and start on my final English portfolio. I want to get this done before the weekend begins. I figure it might as well start early because I have to head over to the studio in Clifton (right by Berkeley) to help a few friends record.

I don't think I can say this enough. I am so psyched for finals!

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