Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Fever and Foot-in-Mouth disease

Today didn't go exactly as I planned. I woke up at nice and early and started to get ready for school. On my way to grab some breakfast, my mom stopped me and told me I wasn't looking too good. She felt my forehead and told me I was on fire. After a thermometer reading of 102 degrees, she refused to let me go to school. Not only I was starting to feel sick, I was also fuming that I missed class again! All day, I was in bed coughing, sniffling, going in and out of sleeping. The whole time, I was thinking...."oh, I had a make-up exam. Oh, I had this due. Oh, I had that due." Missing school absolutely stinks! I'm so behind on everything!

Tomorrow, I'll hopefully be at a normal 98.6 degrees. I only have one class early in the morning (8:00am to 9:45am) and since the Berkeley Shuttle doesn't operate until 1:10pm, I'll have plenty of time to do all my work and get cleared by financial aid so my fall schedule can be all official.

I just read what happened to Aleksandra on her blog about how she pretty much has to activate her BerkeleyBlue card to get her refund. Man, I hope that doesn't happen with me. I mean, the card is still in my drawers but as I've said before, I'm not too excited about the card at all.

Well, I'm gonna go take a nice little Tynenol Cold and rest up for tomorrow. Nighty-night, kiddos.

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