Tuesday, August 28, 2007

If Its Free, I'm In

I just picked up one of these free Time Out New York magazine that the Berkeley library has put out for students. I scanned through it really quickly and already decided that this will be my "Fall Quarter Survival Guide." This lists a bunch of ways to save money on everything from toiletries (hair products, shower essentials, etc.) to clothes.

I admit, since I've started school, I've found myself with only $20 for transportation and food per week. I learned how to budget and mastered the art of sale-hunting. Nothing a little planning (and some walking) can't help. I found the buses with the cheapest fares (one zone crossings cost less than two zones) AND I bring my own lunch sometimes when I'm low on cash.

I suggest that everyone pick up a copy over at the library. :-) They didn't name is "Survival Guide" for nothing.

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