Wednesday, November 28, 2007

You're Reading a Newark Campus Student Now!

Whoo! I'm officially taking a class in Newark! A whole new campus! And only a ten minute bus ride from my house!

It was so easy registering for a class in a different campus! I did it here and it was just like signing up for a class in your regular campus. I just went up for Advisement and asked to be signed up for Accounting in Newark and BAM!, I was in! I'm really excited for this for many many reasons.

  • Now I get to check out Berkeley's newest campus!
  • Its only 10 minutes from my house
  • New friends! (and familiar faces because most of the people I knew in high school that go to Berkeley attend the Newark campus.)
  • Easy transportation = Less communiting time
  • Less commuting time = more time devoted to a job!

Lately, I've been checking out the Career Services tab for a part-time job. I found a perfect one in the listings. Valley National Bank is hiring part-time tellers. I have applied before but they said they needed someone with more time during weekdays. So, I'm think since I'll be around my town on Mondays and Wednesday, the chances of me getting this job are better! When I get home, I'm going to change up my availability schedule on the application and hopefully, have a job for the winter!

If that doesn't work, I'll take a trip to the Career Services office and get some help with my resume. I've had job experience (being a waitress, hostess and customer service rep.) so I'm thinking that maybe the jobs having been dropping on my lap because my resume is all messy. I don't know. I'm thinking I should just go and get help with my resume tomorrow. The sooner, the better, right? Besides, the service is right there. And its not like I have to pay extra for resume help (unless resume services online.)

So I guess you know where I'll be tomorrow during Activity period. :)

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Berkeley College Online Blog said...

That's pretty cool, Vanessa. Maybe I'll see you around campus some time, depending on what day and time your class is. I pop in the Newark campus from time to time to use either the computer lab or the library for computer work, so who knows?