Wednesday, January 2, 2008

"Welcome Back to School, Everyone!"

Today was the first day of class. Yeah, I'm sure you think its kinda weird to start a college class on January 2nd but hey, that's how we do at Berkeley. I like it because if I was out of school for more than a month, I can guarentee you that my brain will erase all memory for previous classes.

Today was also my first day at the Newark campus! Its officially my favorite campus. The bus stop to get there is right down the block from my house. The trip is only 15 minutes and the bus drops me off right at the door of Berkeley! Today was freezing so I really appreciated the 4 seconds it took me to get in the building. The security is really tight also. You have to present your ID as soon as you walk it. I came to school a few minutes early so I can wander a little and check out the building. Its pretty plain and simple. Take the elevator up or down and walk up and down the hall. The first thing I did was head to the library. As soon as I walked in, I was glad that Winston was there! He's a librarian at Garret Mountain. I was so glad to see a familiar face! The first thing I did was borrow an accounting book so I can take notes before going to class. The accounting syllabus said that the classes had to read two chapters by the time classes were in session. I ordered the book online so its going to be a while before it arrives. I didn't want to come in completely unprepared so I did and quick skim and jot.

The note taking was genius. The professor got straight down to business once it was time for class. It already felt like it was the second week with the pace we were going in. Again, I liked it. It kept me awake and alert! I learned a whole bunch in that short 2 hours class. I learned the difference between managerial and financial accounting and the different types of costs and what operation in companies are catagorized under what kind of spending. All this on the first day! I took super sloppy notes but I'll re-write them once my book comes in.

So, after class, I start packing up and saw yet another familiar face. A girl from my middle school had been in my class the whole time! I was in the back so I didn't recognize the back of her head. I didn't get to say hi but I will next class. Its so weird seeing old classmates from years ago in college. And after that, I saw yet ANOTHER familiar face. Kaersten (my favorite counselor/advisor ever!) works in the Newark campus now! Seriously, she is the reason why I was into Berkeley. We had a nice little conversation in the lobby while I waited for my ride home. (The campus is so close to my house, my mother insisted on picking me up since it would only take about 10 minutes in a car.)

I was back home by 10:30am! I still had the whole day ahead of me! I'm thinking this is the perfect schedule to have if I want to look for a small part-time job. I'm going to time everything next week so I can be sure what times I'll be available for work on days I'm in Newark.

Obviously, I'm VERY happy with my experience in Newark. :D

Tomorrow, I'm back in Garret. I'm sure I'll have tons to write about.

Happy New Year, everybody!

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