Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I Wish I Could Chillax Tomorrow

Tomorrow, for all those with time, head over to the Student Center during Activity Period for some mocktails, painting and ~chillaxing!~

Instead of sipping on a strawberry drink out of a crazy straw, I'll be rehearsing lines from A Midsummer Nights Dream for my drama final next Tuesdsay. I'll be playing Demetrius. We have to make a set, memorize lines, design costumes, make a playbill and perform without the aid of index cards. Now, if you ever read Shakespeare, you know why my group is taking all the time we can get to rehearse this.

Also, I had to miss my Statistics class on Tuesday because I had to catch up on so much work. I forgot to hand-in an assignment so I dedicated yesterday and today to catching up. So far, I'm up to date with everything except Statistics. I'm stuck in this subject. Instead of handing in a blank sheet, I'm handing in a sheet full of work that I think is correct. I'm not too confident about it. This weekend, I'm locking myself in my town's library and studying hard for the final. Its cumulative so I have to make sure I have a firm understanding on every little definition, formula and theory.

Man, this quarter went by pretty fast. I can't believe finals are already next week!

And Spring Quarter starts on the 31st! (I gotta get to work on getting those new textbooks!)

If you need any of the books for these classes, feel free to contact me.
Financial and Managerial Accounting

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