Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Happy Siete de Mayo!

Happy Siete de Mayo, everyone. I know it makes no sense but Berkeley decided to celebrate Cinco de Mayo a little later in the week for Activity Day. It was like our own little holiday here!

There was tons of food, an art area where you can make and paint your own maracas (mine came out pretty sweet if I don't say so myself), frozen maragaritas and daiquiris, quesadillas, music, dancing, singing, jumping, pinning tails on a donkey, piñatas, candy, etc. It seemed like the whole campus (including professors and some administration) came out for the hour and partied it up.

It was nice to take a break today. Some classes are still testing for midterms so the tension in the hallways are pretty intense. Thankfully, tons of sugar, some music and a little bit of sun got everyone to relax and smile. Honestly, I don't remeber the last time I laughed so hard. The piñata contest was hilarious. There were several photos taken by students so I'm pretty sure they'll turn up on Facebook and on the campus photo collage.

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Aleksandra said...

Glad you liked my event!