Thursday, January 24, 2008

Call Me Lucky

This week I had a chance to speak of advisement about changing my major. At first I was concerned because the switch from Management to Marketing could mean losing credits. Well, my advisor started checking off classes that I have already taken and passed to see if they can be transferred to a Marketing major. (Sidenote: Its easier to switch when you're a freshman, but I am half way done with getting my Bachelor's so I was thinking it may have been too late to switch.) So, he was checking things off here and there and I was wishing and crossing my fingers that no credits will be lost. Well, call me lucky! I can a choice of switching to Business Administration or Business Marketing withou losing credits! So, I'm giving myself time to think about this change. I have until January 31st. That way, I hve print out my new Degree Audit in time for daytime scheduling for spring quarter.

Aleksandra (check out her Berkeley Blog here) left me a comment telling me she was in the same position I'm in when she was a sophomore. I'm sure I'm gonna annoy her with all these questions during the one week I gave myself to decide. Haha. I'll make sure to keep the questions to a minimum.

This is the perfect time to mention SGA! The meetings are held on Tuesdays at 3:30pm in the Multimedia Room. You've probably have see the announcements on Blackboard about them. I'm planning on attending as many of those meetings as I can. They keep you involved in school events and let your voice be heard on concerns you might have as a student. Hopefully, I'll be able to find enough people to be nice enough to give me a ride to the trainstation because the meetings start at the same time that the last shuttle bus leaves the campus. I definitely gonna mention something about added shuttle times that include one more after all the afternoon classes are done and maybe one for the nighttime classes. If there isn't a shuttle bus in service for night classes around my 10th quarter, I'm going to have to find myself a gas-powered scooter or something.

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