Monday, January 14, 2008

"Stormwatch" 2008???

My town was pretty jumbled after the lack of snowstorm this morning. There were shovels and salt setup on the streets. I saw people putting them away as I walked to my bus stop. You were either angry or happy that nothing happened.

Today was review day for the first big test in my Accounting class in Newark. I stuck my head my the textbook Sunday night so I can understand what was going on. There's a huge gap between the time I took Financial Accounting and Managerial Accounting. I had to refresh my memory on debits and credits and all these accounts. Good thing I kept my notes from the other class. There's a bit of advice! Always keep your notes from past classes! You'll never know when they'll come in handy. So the review went great and I'm completely confident that I'm going to do GREAT on Wednesday, the day of the test.

I also found something out about my Berkeley ID card. I got my card before the Newark campus opened so my card wasn't updated with the security in Newark. I was trying to figure out why the security doors wouldnt open for my card. That's why! I was starting to feel weird about waiting for someone to open the door to get to class. Now, I can get in on my own. Thanks to the security guard lady in the front desk for explaining it to me. I was starting to think that I had to replace my card!

By the way, last week was the club fair. I forgot to mention it. Last week was such a mess that I missed it. My schedule is so tight that I might have to leave Music Club for a bit. The meetings are from 3 -5pm in Garret Mountain to anyone who's interested. They're a great group of musicians with passion an talent. Unfortunately, I dont have very much time this quarter to regularly attend. This is only a hiatus though! I will definitely be back next quarter with (hopefully) a new guitar.

Also, I'm starting to whole "College to Career" thing but I'll tell you more about that in my next entry because its pretty huge and Berkeley College's Career Services Department plays a HUGE role it in. But again, I'll tell you about it tomorrow.

Right now, I have some major statistics homework to finish up.

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