Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Meanwhile, Back at Garret Mountain...

Now that I'm back at Garret Mountain, I feel like I'm back at school. Newark is great and everything but Garret is definitely my kind of campus. Its a little more like a big community of students. Most of my buddies are here and I know where I know my way around. I mean, I guess its the same feeling when you go anywhere new. I just feel comfortable where I've been the longest.

Anyway, I'm here in the library borrowing textbooks like mad because none of my books have showed up in the mail yet! That's the downside to ordering things online. The wait is really stressing me out though. All my professors have assignment homework that involve the books. I only have one hour between the time the library opens and the time my first class starts. I kind of gave up finishing my statistics just now because...well, I only have a few minutes before class and the problem I was working on would take me at least 15 or 20 minutes. I'm not saying its okay to give up, but man, some things are just impossible. But at least I did all I could.

My classes are great though. I have Drama with a professor who's PASSION is drama. He already told us that there is a field trip involved so I'm really amped for that! (I didnt have any fieldtrips in high school so I get happy when these things come up.) I also learned a lot on the first day of class. Then, I have statistics. The first hour of class already has me freaked out. I'm terrible with formulas and numbers and guessing. After that is microeconomics. Usually, I tend to lose focus and doodle during business classes. (I have a hard time focusing on something for 2 hours straight.) Luckily, I got an enthusiastic professor for this course. He gets really excited and fully explains every tidbit of information he gives out. Seriously, I took like 5 pages worth of notes on the first class session. I have a good feeling that there will be absolutely no doodles in my notebook this quarter.

Tuesdays are so busy!

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