Monday, September 17, 2007

3.7 GPA Heck Yes!

I can't believe I managed to keep my GPA up during summer! I felt that I did horrible this quarter. There was a whole lot more distraction during the summer than I thought! But hey, I managed to keep up with school and do well!

I just finished checking my GPA just now. I forgot that all the final grades were in. They've been posted since last week. It just slipped my mind.

So, its the first day of my post-summer vacation and its going great. Most of my friends are in school right now so I'm spending my free time catching up on sleep. Also, the weather is great! 75 and sunny all week!

I'm actually gonna keep updating during break because even though there are no classes in session, I still do a lot of school stuff like book shopping/swapping, re-organizing my life to fit school/work/family/friends.

Hope everyone else's break is going great!

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