Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Free Bus/Train/Lightrail Week!

In case you didn't know, college students get to ride NJTransit free this week! All you have to do is print out this little coupon right there. ( This coupon, combined with your student ID, is your ticket to ride the bus, train and lightrail for free! I've been using this little ditty since Monday! I've gone to the city and back a few times without paying the usual $8 commute price! I'm planning to visit some friends at NJCU tomorrow and I'm pretty psyched I won't have to pay a thing to get there!

With all the money I'm saving this week, I'm planning on buying my mom a nice present for her birthday. For me, one day's worth of commuting for me is about $10 dollars. So, five days times 10 bucks is enough to buy her a dress and jewlery at TJMaxx or something!

I suggest you take advantage of this.

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