Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Hey Kid! Wanna Trade?

I received an email asking me for my list of books that are for trade/sale.

These are the books I have. I am willing to trade or sell.
  • ACT101 Principles of Accounting, Volume 1: Chapters 1-13
  • BUS231 Anderson's Business Law 20th ed. (hardcover! Berkeley only sells the looseleaf version)
  • CIS203 New Perspective on MS Access 2003 Comprehensive
  • CIS120 Microsoft Office Excel 2003: Complete Coursecard Ed.
  • ENG103 Shakespeare (for Prof. Costa's class)
  • ENG101 A Writer's Resource 2nd ed.
  • ENG101 The Prentice Hall Reader 8th ed.
  • MGT345 Management of Information Systems 10th ed.

There are a couple more but they're in the trunk of my car. See? I told you I had a ton of books. If you're interested in trading or buying any of these, contact me by email (vanessa-gomez@mymail.berkeleycollege.edu) with the title "Blogger Books" or look for me around campus.

Here is the list of books I need for next quarter in case you're down to trade.

  • ENG111 Public Speaking An Audience Centered Approach
  • HUM341 Communication in History
  • MAT211 Algebra for Berkeley College Students (Custom Berkeley Edition)
  • SOC201 Macroeconomics: A Contemporary Introduction 7th ed.

Remember that in order to get first dibs on used books at the Berkeley Bookstore, get there ASAP. Early bird gets the book.

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