Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Berkeley BlueCard

So, today I was walking around campus and I kept seeing flyers saying "Free Ice Cream!" They're everywhere! Upon closer examination, it says that there will be free ice cream at the Student Center tomorrow. "Come activate your Berkeley BlueCard!" I pretty much reacted with an "ugh" and kept walking.

I received my card in the mail a few weeks ago. I was the actual card, too. It had my name printed on it and everything. (That seemed kinda fishy to me. Why would this company have my full name and address? Weird.) I haven't bothered to activate it. It's suppose to be a faster way to get your refunds but...I barely have any refunds! 57 cents is hardly a reason to activate the card. If you have maybe 20 bucks in refunds, I say go for it! Buy a shirt or something. But 57 cents? No thanks. Besides, I already have my own credit card and debit card and that's about as much money juggling as I can handle. Still, I'm definitely passing by the student center and seeing if I can still score some free ice cream. :-)

Classes have been pretty chill. Summer quarter has less weeks in it and so I figured some professors would be all about working and getting all this work done before finals. This is hardly the case. Either I got lucky with picking some laid back professors or summer professors are just plain more relaxed. The assignments seem lighter (meaning no 12 page single space assignments [yet]) and the classes are alright. For example, in English, we read and discuss two Acts of Othello a week. I remember in high school we'd "cram and exam" all in one week!

This week, I'm trying to finish all my assignments early so I can have this weekend homework-free. I'm going a little something called the Siren Music Festval in Coney Island this weekend and I want to be able to just enjoy it without the worry of unfinished assignments looming over me. This is my plan for the whole quarter. I want to get things done earlier rather than finishing everything the night before.

Handing things in on time = better grades.


Katie said...


Thank you for providing your feedback on the Berkeley BlueCard.

I understand why you would think it “fishy” that your name was printed on the card if you hadn’t heard about it coming in the mail or what to expect. Did you have any knowledge that the card was coming before it arrived in the mail?

The reason why you see your name on your Berkeley BlueCard is because your school has partnered with Higher One to cut school costs, provide faster refund services and offer more student choices through the new card. Higher One is a trusted, secure company that works with over 80 schools to deliver financial services faster and more student-friendly--we want Berkeley students to have the smoothest experience possible with this new process. Let me know what you think.

Higher One

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