Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Return of the Berkeley BlueCard

"The reason why you see your name on your Berkeley BlueCard is because your school has partnered with Higher One to cut school costs, provide faster refund services and offer more student choices through the new card."

So because Berkeley got some cheaper deals here and there, Higher One got to have access to some of my info (which I thought was confidential)??? I had enough of a problem dealing CapitalOne sending me stuff because I signed up to FastWeb, but this? If I sound a little irked, its because this whole "giving out student info because we got a deal on costs" bothered me. I'm sure other schools do it too. In fact, I know other school do the same, but that doesn't take away from much it bothers me. I'd rather wait a little longer for my refund than doing the Berkeley BlueCard thing. This is my opinion so...don't let it steer you away or anything. Check it out for yourself and make your own decision about it. There's tons of pamplets and posters for it all over campus. Get your info.


Katie said...

Hey Vanessa,

Thank you for your response. I understand your perspective because you won't be receiving a refund. For those students who will, the new card will allow them to either choose the new debit account, transfer their money to another bank they already have an account set up with, or get a check mailed to them.

Higher One was founded by 3 college students who didn't have options as to how they wanted to receive their refund so they created a service that is truly focused on conveinence for the student.

I appreciate your honesty and feedback on the card. Please do not hesitate to contact me, or put your friends/classmates in touch with me if you/they have any questions about the card down the road: ktimlin@higherone.com.

Hope the rest of your summer is relaxing and goodluck in the upcoming semester.


Anonymous said...

My name is mike , and my question is from where this money come from, from my loan? or where. I have to pay back this money, or just is a gift from the college. thanks