Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Hey you! Wanna save 3 people's lives?

Tomorrow (Wednesday July 25th) is Berkeley's Blood Drive at the Student Center. Did you know that only one pint can help save 3 lives? Imagine how many lives can be saved if all the students at Berkeley donated! I really really wish that I could but according to RedCross.Org, I have to wait a couple of more months for eligibilty because of my piercing and tattoo. But hey, if you're eligible, go for it! It'll only take a few minutes. So, you pretty much get to lay down for a bit, get a little pinch, and later get some sugary treats!

I'll try to stop by the drive and take some pictures of Berkeley kids donating. So, if you're donating and want your picture taken, just shout me a holler and I'll snap a pic.

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