Friday, February 8, 2008

$500 Scholarship and the Economy

If you avidly check your Blackboard (like me), you've noticed that big sign offering a $500 scholarship. That's what my focus will be on today. Its about $400 more than what I need to clear my Spring 2008 schedule but there's no way I can make $100 at the moment. My job hunt hasn't been going very well. I blame the economy. This is my theory with what's going on.

The government wants to keep the unemployed...well...unemployed. You know those uber-hyped rebate checks going on in May and June? Well, as well all have heard on the news, that money is intended to make the public go out to malls and shop 'til they drop to boost up the plummeting economy. If the unemployed get jobs, they will most likely use their wages as spending money and use the rebate to pay off debts and put into savings accounts. This is the complete opposite of the purpose of the rebate.

That's my theory. I've been following the economic reports closely since a big amount of my family and friends have been either laid off or had hours cut. My Microeconomics class taught me how to read, understand, and analyze the market. Its pretty cool to use the things you learn in class in real world scenarios.

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