Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Stranded in Town

My roads weren't plowed again. Big suprise! I had to miss my accounting class. It stinks because I did really well on my homework and wanted the professor to see that I understand what's going on. Oh well. All that extra time let me work on my Midsummer Night's Dream project for Drama. Its a group effort and every member has a specific part to the ONE HOUR presentation we have to make on the 21st. Im in change of media. So far, Im about half way done. This gives me some free time for Activity Period!

Since tomorrow is a holiday, of course Berkeley's going to have a big event!

Karaoke! Paparazzi! and Chocolate! All in the Student Center during Activity tomorrow. This is the best break to have between classes. Activity Period cuts through my Statistics class. Stats isnt' the easiest subject in the world. The lessons and lectures are quick and full of info. Its nice to take a break from the constant note-taking. By the time activity period is over, I'm ready to get back to work.

I figured out that Statistics is the kind of subject you need to take extra time on. I studied exta hard from my text and ended up getting a 28/30. The two points were taken off because of my less-than-impressive graphs but other than that, all my work and numbers were right! I also did really well on my first Micro exam. I got an A! These grades totally made my week. Things are going well on my quest for that 3.8 GPA..

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