Saturday, February 16, 2008

Berkeley Events!

This is what Valentine's Day karaoke looked like on Thursday in Garret Mountain. Whoever came up with the idea for karaoke is a genius!

It was so much fun and hilarious. This is just the kind of events that Berkeley students need in order to wind down from some grueling midterms. The stresses from the wacky weather in the beginning of the week and the tons of exams and homework assignments went away for an hour on Activity Day. There were cupcakes and chocolate and tons of free goodies from the Dream Team.

There were flyers for JUNGLE FEVER, being held by the Dream Team on Thursday, February 21st. Its in the Knupple Hall Community room. Entrance is $3 with jungle attire, $5 without. (College ID a must!) The dance runs from 8:00pm to 12:00am. First of all, I love anything themed so I'm kinda amped out this. If I'm off of work on time, I might consider putting on some camo and heading to this event.

Lately, Berkeley's been throwing some amazing events after school.

On Sunday February 24th, Oblivious to Everyone is hitting the Garret Mountain campus.

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I'm excited. There's flyers around campus announcing it. It has tons of awesome reviews from Fox 5, NY Press, The Village Voice and more. The seats are filling up fast so I sugges that if you plan on going (which I think you SHOULD because its free from students with IDs) you should RSVP some seats. Its a One Performance Only event. Again, its February 24th in the Knupple Hall Community Room at 3pm. Free with ID, $15 for all others. Make your reservations at .

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