Monday, February 25, 2008

Oblivious to Everyone!

Sunday was the performance in Knupple Hall. I'd like to describe everything that went on in there from 3-6 but it was one of those things where you had to be there yourself. Just so you're not missing out on anything, I'll try to recap all the craziness.

First off, the turnout for this play was HUGE. I've never seen Knupple Hall's community room that full of people. This was a pretty big event since,'s an off-broadway play on OUR campus. And it was free for students! Usually, tickets for these kinds of things are pricey.

The play itself was nothing short of awesome. The whole thing is based on one therapy session with the main character, Carrie. From there, the audience is taken through a channel-flippin' nightmare of an identity crisis. There's tons of funny stereotypes but also tons of issues that come from these stereotypes.
There were giggles and in some cases, there were tears.
For a little preview of the play, click here to check it out. And if you get a chance to see it, GO! It'll probably make you want to chuck your sidekicks, burn anything with a label and cancel your cable.

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