Saturday, February 2, 2008

BerkeleyBlue Card (Trouble) is Back

The refunds went out this week. Thinking that the card would be the easiest way to receive my money, I signed up for the card. Unfortunately, there are so many steps with verification that its taking me longer to activate the card than it would have taken for the check to get to my mailbox. There's all these IDs I have to make copies of and mail, and if I don't do so in 18 days, my money will be held as a penalty. I thought I would be able to switch my preference so I can receive a check rather than the card credit but the change in preference won't come into effect until the next refund. The site says I can verify my ID in Student Accounts on campus. Monday, I'n going to do that. As soon as I get the verifications sorted out, I'm terminating my account. I read up on the FAQs on the website and it says that the account must be at $0 for me to eliminate my account and that there will be a fee. Honestly, I don't care about the fee. I just don't want this card to be bugging me. Its going to be hard enough to verify my ID, so imagine the hassle of maintaining the card? No thanks!

If any of you guys are having an easier time with the card, feel free to write down your positive experience in the comments section of this post. I want the positives and the negatives to be out there for people to read. So, if all is going well with your card, tell everyone about it.

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