Thursday, February 7, 2008

A Whole Day of Classes Cancelled.

Usually, at the time on Thursdays, I'm waiting on Market Street for the Berkeley shuttle bus. Well, today, it just so happens that my first class isn't meeting. I took the extra hour of sleep this morning and took my time getting ready. I check my Blackboard email before I leave and see that my second class is also canceled due to illness. My third and last class of the day doesn't meet on Thursdays.

Not having to come in for lecture doesn't mean that I'm taking a break. These professors don't let you off that easy. I have a couple of pages to read and exercises to do for Micro, as well as pages and pages of accounting to do. Since I'm pretty much dressed in my school attire, I'm thinking of just going to campus anyway and doing my work in the library.

Either way, I will be in Garret tonight to attend the performance of Waiting for Godot. Its free with a Berkeley ID.

Oh! Here's a note to all! RENEW YOUR FAFSA! Letters have been mailed out by Student Accounts reminding everyone to renew their applications. The applications can be found in the Financial Aid offices. Mine is already in my trapper and ready to be filled out. I just have to wait for my taxes to be done.

I did finish changing my major and scheduling my classes. I'm officially majoring in Business Administration. I'm pretty excited about it. This major leaves my options open to what I want to get my Master's Degree in. So far, I'm planning on getting my Master's in Marketing.

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