Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Maybe a Snow Day??

Its the middle of February and North Jersey is finally experiencing some decent snowfall. Of course, this has to come as the most inconvenient time. The snow began falling as soon as my Microeconomics class. The windowshades were down so no one had a clue about that was going on outside. The sound of cars wizzling by distracted some students. Two girls decided to look out the window and freaked out. There was already and inch and a half of snow on the ground. The professor decided to finish class a little early so people wouldnt be rushing on the roads. Luckily, my mom offered to pick me up. She didnt think the weather was going to be so gnarly. Route 46 was backed up for miles. We took route 80 to go home. It was probably the most terrifying car ride I've ever taken in my life. There were cars whizzing past us one minute, and the next we're passing that very same car while its being taken away by tow truck because of an accident. I saw 4 accidents on the way home. I only live about 10 miles away from campus! It was so scary. As soon as I got home, I started shoveling and putting salt down for the snow.

It doesnt look like its getting any better outside. I hope everyone from campus got home alright. Garret is mosting commuting student with cars. The way things are going, it looks like there's going to be a delay or cancelled class. Either way, getting to school will be quite an adventure tomorrow.

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