Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Back to Normalicy

So more than one person noticed that I haven't updated in a while. Nice to know some of you guys care if I just poofed from existance. Haha. But really, I've been a little slow with updating blogger. Sorry. I'd love to give you a bag of excuses but what happened was seriously and I'd rather not plaster it on the internet. All that matters is that I'm back and I have tonnnnsss of school crazyness to tell you about.

I'll start off this stream of daily posts by telling you about my Macroeconimics class. I figured it was going to be an easy course to just fly through for requirements. It has actually turned out to be one of my favorite classes. My professor uses real life examples for our assignments so we can stay updated with what's really going on in today's economy. Sometimes, what you find out about the US economy is scary. If you take a look at the business section of the newspaper, you'd be suprised at the amount potential increase in prices in the US! We learn about how the government is supposed to figure out and fix the nation's deficient and also, we learn how to use our money to its full potential. I try not to miss Macro because every class session is a new and crazy lesson on how money works. I wonder if Micro's going to be just as eye-opening. Im taking that class next quarter.

Man, there's one TWO weeks left of classes! This quarter breezed pretty quickly. A bunch of my professors thought it was a shortened quarter. I admit, it certainly felt that way. I mean, I just took my midterms and now I have to start preparing for finals!

I'm getting started on all my final assignments early so I won't be freaking out during finals week (which happens to start on my birthday.)

Well, Tomorrow's Thanksgiving and since I'll be home cooking up a mean Tofurky, I'll be sure to update with some note about my big project for Humanities and the scholarship meeting from last week.

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